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Scholarship Process:


The scholarship is awarded yearly to one person for $5,000 payable over four years of school. 

The scholarship will be awarded on a competitive basis, using the following criteria:

  1. Grades and test scores\

  2. Work experience

  3. Extra curricular activities

  4. Community service

  How to Apply

With a postmark no later than the date stated on the application, mail us the following:

  1. Your completed application
  2. A transcript of your school records
  3. A statement of your goals in life, not to exceed 150 words
  4. A statement from your employer, e.g., bar or restaurant owner, saying that you or your parent are or have been employed as a bartender for at least four(4) years full-time or eight(8) years part-time.
  The Award process

A panel of judges, including the president of Foley Publishing, an educator and others, will review all of the applications and select one scholarship recipient for that stated year. 

The scholarship check will be Announced one month after current deadline date, presented in person if possible, or mailed to the recipientís home address. Scholarship checks are made payable jointly to the student and the school they will be attending, and must be endorsed by both.

Renewal of the scholarship in future years will be subject to the studentís maintaining an acceptable GPA and being a student in good standing at their school.

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