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Application Online:

For your convenience, we have provided an online application to print, complete, sign and then mail with the necessary material listed, to the address stated:

Click here Printable Form

To qualify, the student, or their parent, must have been employed as a bartender for at least four(4) years (or eight years if they bartend part-time).

The scholarship will be awarded on a competitive basis, using the following criteria:
  • Grades and test scores
  • Work experience
  • Extra curricular activities
  • Community service
Read more on the Application Process, or Request Information.

Before current deadline date*, mail us the following:

  1. Your completed application.
  2. A transcript of your school records.
  3. A statement of your goals in life, not to exceed 150 words.
  4. A statement from your employer, e.g., bar or restaurant owner, saying that you or your parent are or have been employed as a bartender for at least one year.
*Email us or call for the next current deadline date:  Contact info.

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